Where Did “Water” Singer Tyla Go to School?

Tyla took the world by storm with her breakout hit “Water” and made headlines again with her viral sand dress from this year’s Met Gala. The South African singer already has one Grammy under her belt at 22, but where did she go to school before becoming a pop star?

Tyla graduated from Edenglen High School in 2019, and her high school years were pretty eventful. She gravitated to drama and choir activities during her time at school and even became the head of culture during her final year at Edenglen.

Tyla started recording original songs and covers and sending them to many important figures in the music industry while still in school. She also told BBC that she spent a lot of time in the recording studio, saying “I ended up going to the studio every weekend in my last year of school. By the end of the year, I told my parents that I wanted to do this full time.”

Tyla’s parents weren’t too enthusiastic about the idea of her pursuing music, and her father encouraged her to enroll to study mining engineering. They eventually agreed to give her a year to pursue her dream, and go back to school if she didn’t succeed – and her gap year never came to an end.

Tyla eventually became a true sensation after her viral hit “Water” put her on the map, before releasing her debut album and becaming the youngest African artist to win a Grammy Award earlier this year.

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