Why A Daily Walk Can Help Improve Your Focus And Concentration

If you’re putting in the hours in the library but still feel like you’re swamped with work, it may be time to take a break. Why not take a daily walk, to give yourself a breath of fresh air? Check out these key ways in which a daily walk can have a positive impact on your studies.

Exercize Improves Concentration

Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve got too much energy, and that this is stopping you from settling down and focusing on your work? It’s really important to make sure you’re doing some daily movement, so that your brain gets what it needs to be able to focus on tricky coursework or exam prep. Whether you go for a morning stroll, a midday march or an evening walk, stepping outside is a great (and free!) way to get some exercize.

Break Up Your Day

If you’re feeling daunted or even a little depressed by the thought of hours of studying stretching out in front of you, use your daily walk as a way of providing some structure and breaking up your study time. You could try working for two hours and then walking for ten minutes, to give yourself a much needed movement break and time away from your desk.

Practice Mindfulness

Perhaps you want to blast your favorite playlist on your walk, in which case you do you. However, there is evidence that taking a few mindful minutes can really help bust stress, mild depression and anxiety. Use your walk to really notice your surroundings, you could even stop to observe a particular plant, animal or view. Not only will this help to get your mind off your work, it’s a good way to get back in touch with nature.

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