Why You Should Call Your Parents Even When Youre Busy

College life can be extremely hectic. Students are expected to be constantly busy between balancing their social life, academics, and sleep schedule. When you have five exams, two birthday parties, and zero time to sleep in a single week, it’s no wonder that everything else, besides what you are focusing on at a given time, are put on the backburner, the end of a to-do list, or forgotten about.

Why You Should Call Your Parents Even When Youre Busy

Parents know that you are a busy college student with a ton of stuff going on.

Sometimes their phone calls may seem like chores or you will forget to respond to one of their text messages because you received the notification when you were nose deep in a chapter studying for your cell bio test. And sure, you may briefly call or text them, but here are some reasons why you should really take the time to speak with your parents, even if you’re busy.

First and foremost, your parents miss you. No matter how grown up you think you are, you will always be a little kid in your parent’s eyes. Call them to let them know that their precious baby, while extremely stressed, is at least alive. You should also take time to call your parents because they genuinely care about you.

You can vent about how hard your schedule is to your friends, but most likely, they are thinking that their schedule is harder in their own heads and don’t actually want you to complain to them. Your parents will be there for you to vent to no matter what.

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