Why You Should Include Plantains in Your Diet

Due to your busy schedule, it’s probably difficult to find the time to get in all the nutrition you need while navigating college. Fortunately, plantains can go a long way in giving you the health benefits you need in order to thrive. Here is why you should include plantains in your diet.

Rich in Potassium

Much like their cousin, the banana, plantains are rich in potassium, which is crucial for proper cell function. Because the body doesn’t produce potassium itself, plantains are great for providing your body with the exact potassium content it needs.

High in Fiber

Fiber is critical for your digestive system while also ensuring optimal kidney health. By eating plantains, you’ll receive a solid level of fiber to help reduce your risk of contracting heart disease among other illnesses.

Low in Acid

From acid reflux to kidney diseases, acidic food can have adverse health effects on some people. In order to offset such risks, eating alkaline-based foods could be your ideal solution. “As a registered dietitian that focuses on kidney health, paying attention to acidity is important to have less pressure on the kidneys,” Jennifer Hernandez, a dietician specializing in kidney health explained.

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