Why You Should Learn a Language When Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an experience you’ll never forget. Even if you’re only going for a couple of months, learning the language of the country you will be visiting can open doors and make your experience richer. Here’s why you should definitely give it a shot. 

Enhanced Communication

Speaking the local language breaks down communication barriers. It gives you the opportunity to create more meaningful connections with locals, fellow students, and faculty. Even if you only know a few words, you’ll be surprised how much locals will appreciate that you’re making an effort. 

Increased Independence

The ability to communicate in the local language will boost your confidence and self-reliance. From reading signs and menus to asking for directions, you’ll have a much easier time getting around solo.

Cultural Immersion

Learning the local language will give you a deeper understanding of the culture. Each language has unique untranslatable words, idioms, and phrases that give you a look at how they see the world, and this is invaluable.

Personal Growth

Finally, learning a new language challenges you to step out of your comfort zone, embrace ambiguity, and adapt to a different linguistic and cultural context. The skills acquired during this process will contribute to your overall resilience and adaptability.

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