Why You Shouldnt Feel Pressure to Choose a Major Right Away

One of the most common questions people ask college students is “what’s your major?” Sometimes, this question isn’t necessarily easy to answer, and, believe it or not, that’s totally okay! College is all about having the freedom to explore different options, and chances are you won’t graduate college with the exact same goals and interests as you had when you started.

At many schools, students don’t declare their major until their sophomore or junior year, which allows students time to explore options and get their bearings before making a commitment. Many students who choose too quickly or picking a major just because they feel pressure to have one end up switching their major later on.

Because of this, if you’re uncertain about what you want your major to be, you should give it time rather than putting pressure on yourself to choose immediately. Many schools even offer alternative options, such as exploratory centers or interdisciplinary options that allow students to receive counseling and opportunities that provide personalized services and advising services that cater to helping students to declare a major.

Why You Shouldnt Feel Pressure to Choose a Major Right Away

In addition, majors often don’t necessarily even predict your future. Many people work jobs that don’t even correlate with their majors at all. Because of this, another perfectly acceptable option is choosing a major based on the classes they enjoy regardless of if they necessarily want to pursue a career in that area.

College is not about creating a perfect formula for your future that you aren’t allowed to stray from. Instead, it’s about exploring interests, learning new things, and gaining invaluable experiences.

Because of this, next time a neighbor or family member eagerly asks you about your major, it’s perfectly okay to respond with “I don’t know yet.”

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