10 College Tips for Staying Safe

While college can be a great time, there are dangers lurking everywhere. Keep reading to make sure you’re safe! From sickness to theft to violence, the dangers on college campuses can be combatted with these tips.


1. Too much technology can be a bad thing

Constantly being on the phone or listening to music can numb your senses and make you unaware of your surroundings. Practice walking in silence so you don’t miss something!

2. Buddy system

Walking home at night, whether it’s from the library or a party, can be risky. Make sure to grab a friend or roommate to travel with, because two people are stronger than one!

3. Lock it up

Locks are a great invention, and they exist for a reason! Never leave your room without locking it to prevent unwanted intruders.

4. Emergency Cash

You never know when you’ll be in a situation where you’ll need money for cab or water and the provider doesn’t accept credit cards. Keep at least $20 in your pocket, bra, sock or wallet to cover these last minute crises.

5. Know Your Surroundings

Always be aware of your campus’ emergency phones and help systems. Most universities know the potential dangers and in response have set up systems for students to get immediate help when they need it.

6. Maps, please!

We know they may look dorky, but a campus map can come in handy especially freshman year when you need to get somewhere fast. Many schools have uploaded their maps online, so you can access them from your phone and it’ll just look like you’re checking people out on Tinder.

7. Buddy system, part two

When your date at a party, whether they’re a romantic invite or a friendly roommate, peaces out to get pizza, don’t stay there alone! As there is usually plenty of alcohol at parties, your drunken state might not be able to make the best decisions if you don’t have a buddy there to help out.

8. Put Down the Beer

Like we just said: too much alcohol can result in bad decisions. Try this trick: if you can’t walk in a straight line on the way to grab a cold one from the fridge, chances are it’s a bad idea to drink it.

9. Know your contacts

In the event that you do become too inebriated to function, make sure your emergency contacts are on your phone to make it easier to dial when you need help.

10. Kick some booty!

After having said all of this, it might not be a bad idea to take a self-defense course and/or carry a bottle of pepper spray with you at all times. Knowing a little bit of Krav Maga or Karate can help ward off unwanted advances, and will make you look like a total badass.

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