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3 Reasons to Start Shopping at Thrift Stores During Your College Years

Thrift stores are thriving these days, and they deserve all the attention they’re getting. If you still haven’t discovered their magic, you should definitely...

3 Tips for Making Time for Regular Exercise During Your Busy College Years

When you’re in elementary school and high school, P.E. classes force you to stay active a few times a week. Things tend to change...

The Places You Are Most Likely To Make Friends In College

Making friends and being social is part of life. From pre-school up until your senior year of college and even beyond, continuing to foster relationships and friendships is an extremely important factor in one's mental health and also emotional intelligence. Friends offer you laughs, stress relieving vent sessions, fun experiences, and when you choose the right friends, they can be positive influences. When entering a new school or even starting a new year at your current school, there are always going to be opportunities on and off campus to meet new people and make new friends.

4 Things Every Dorm Room Needs

College is a time of new things, new experiences, new people and of course new living. You’ll be busy running around to class, club activities, sporting events and dining halls. It’s important to have a nice space to come back to that feels like a sanctuary, study space, and a fun place to spend time with your new roommate and friends. Check out this list of some dorm-tech that will make your dorm room great!

Up Your Networking Game

As a college student, thinking about the real world can be intimidating and in fact, it should because it is. There is no spoon-feeding allowed anywhere beyond the college campuses and schools. Building your own connections with big companies in order to ensure a secure future and an expected lifestyle is very crucial to growing as an adult in the real world.

Why the Older Generations Always Seem to Find Fault in Millennials

There is definitely a stereotype surrounding the quality of young people nowadays. Millennials are commonly looked down upon by older generations who make comments such as “When I was younger, I would have never behaved that way”, “We were never this entitled when we were that age”, or “We actually had to work for what we wanted”.

How to Ace Standardized Testing

In order to get into the college of your dreams, you need a high SAT. score. In order to do so, you need more than a desire to do well. You must have a hard work ethic and determination in order to succeed on the standardized test. The SAT is unlike any test you have taken in high school because of its unique format. Here are some effective study strategies and tips that will help you ace it.

Is it Possible to Have Different Friend Groups in College?

For many people, their high school experiences have been defined by their friendships with a very specific group of people. High schools are known for being pretty cliquey, without a ton of opportunity to make new friends outside of your designated group.

Pumpkin Spice Everything Means Fall is Here!

The leaves begin to turn from a bright and vibrant green into an array of beautifully warm colors.  The air becomes a little more crisp, and the sweaters become a little more common.  However, those changes are not the only ones that occur during fall’s arrival.  All of a sudden, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops, and brands everywhere excitedly embrace the return of the flavor Pumpkin Spice.

Why Networking is Key

Meeting people is an essential part of life. As you grow older, you come to realize that random people that you meet have the possibility of growing into meaningful connections.

Drawer Dividers

Working with limited space in your dorm room is not an easy task for those who have lots of clothes. If you like to stay organized, drawer dividers will be your best friend during your college years because they will help everything stay in place, and they will make so much more space for your clothing. We have chosen our favorite top two drawer dividers that are both available on Amazon that we recommend you get for your dorm this coming school year. We promise that investing in these drawer dividers is not something you will regret.

College Students Rescue Elderly Man From Fire

The younger generation of 20 something year olds often receive a lot of slack from the older members of society. You hear of stories of how technology causes laziness and how all of these young adults are too entitles and expect everything in life to be handed to them. Recently, however, a group of 6 Rutgers University- Camden students proved the labels of entitlement, selfishness, and laziness to be false.

Why it Is Important to Call Home Every Once in a While

One of the most thrilling things for any teenager embarking on their college experience for the first time is the freedom that they will be living with. For many kids during their high school years, their parents had a long list of rules and regulations that they were expected to abide by.

What to Pack For Spring Break

For many schools, Spring Break is rapidly approaching. Finally, after many stressful weeks of midterms, studying, and listening to your roommates vent about the insignificant troubles of their overly dramatic lives, the break that you deserve has finally arrived.

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