5 Pinterest Food Trends Worth Trying This Summer

If you’re as obsessed with Pinterest as we are, it’s probably one of the first places you go to for food inspiration. This photo-sharing platform is bringing many delicious trends this summer, and here are five you should get a taste of ASAP.

Avocado Fever

Avocados are never going out of style, and this summer will introduce us to some delicious new ways to eat them, such as avocado fries, shakes, and ice cream.

Mangos All the Way

Mangos will also be going stronger than ever this season, especially desserts inspired by this juicy fruit, including mango floats, sago, chia seed pudding, jelly, and crapes.

Sourdough with a Twist

Sourdough experiments also made it to Pinterest’s summer trend forecast. If baking in the heat simply isn’t your thing, you can check if any local bakeries and markets are offering sourdough bagels and tortillas.

Themed Dinner Parties

If you’re planning to host a dinner party with your friends, consider sticking to the theme. Fairy, Greek, Chinese, coastal, and vintage dinner parties are the most-searched terms on Pinterest, but you can also pick a theme of your own.

Hot Tea Summer

Tea parties, especially ones themed around Bridgerton are all the rage on Pinterest this season. Persian tea, matcha milk tea, strawberry ice tea, coco milk tea, and lemon ice tea are the most popular drinks under this category.

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