Why C Students are More Successful

In college, your life can end up revolving around your grades. Good news though for those of you who couldn’t win it in the classroom, chances are you’ll be more successful later in life. Here are ten reasons why.

1. They don’t accept the system

Students who can’t get the A average aren’t willing to play the game of our academic system. They know that serious learning can happen outside that system and are curious and brave enough to self-educate.

2. They won’t follow blindly

C students won’t follow just because they’re told to. They’ll ask the tough questions and demand real answers.

3. They aren’t eager to please

These students know that you can’t spend your life trying to make the authority figures happy. Finding the power in yourself to work hard is what brings real success.

4. They see the bigger picture

When you’re not stressing about your grades, you’ve got the time to really think about your future. Low average students are thinking ahead and thinking about the skills they need to get to really succeed in life.

5. They define success for themselves

There are so many ways to define success and C students make sure that the definition works for themselves. “Good grades” is not the definition that works for them.

6. They build teams

A and B students take it all on themselves and forget the power of delegating. C students know that it takes a village and building the right relationships can determine their success.

7. They know what they need to know

C students are more ambitious about getting the knowledge they need for their own path in life. Standard curricula aren’t going to satisfy these students who know that life is about way more than standards.

8. They’re not trying to be perfect

They know that it’s better to get the work done, than to make it perfect. Results driven C students won’t delay by being perfectionists, they’ll just get it done.

9. They don’t waste energy

The goal is learning and C students will do that and nothing more. The energy that it takes to go from an A- to an A probably won’t change anything in terms of effective learning, and these students just won’t waste the time.

10. They know how to dream

C students let their minds wander, think big and think boldly. They see possibility and don’t get trapped in what already is, they see what can be.

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