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Is Working Out in a College Dorm Mission Impossible?

Making time for working out isn’t that easy when you’re at college and finding space to do it can be even more difficult. If...

Can’t Stop Sleeping on Your Stomach? These Tips Will Help You Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for everyone, and busy students who are constantly sleep-deprived are no exception. Your sleeping position makes all...

Halloween Costumes Inspired by TV Characters Are All the Rage This Spooky Season

Halloween is just around the corner and if you still have no idea what to wear—don’t despair! Television-themed costumes are all the rage this...

Where are the “Stranger Things” Kids Going to College?

Stranger Things cast members were still kids when we first met them, but they’re now old enough to go to college. Some of them...

5 Major Benefits of Joining a Study Group

If you often struggle with procrastination and lack of motivation when studying on your own, joining a study group may solve all your problems....

Why You Need a Roommate Chore Chart

For many people who have grown up in a house with their family for their whole lives, they are used to having some sort of space that’s their own and if they are lucky, their parents may do the majority of their household chores.

Having A Bad Day? Maybe It’s Your Smartphone!

Scientist in the UK state that one of the reasons of our bad moods might be caused by our smartphones.

Best Place To Purchase Cheap and Healthy Food

Kroger, Ingles, Walmart, and a variety of other shopping centers are placed virtually everywhere all over the country. Each grocery store offers their fare share of specialty products and services, but ultimately, if you choose to shop at any of these stores, the biggest factor is convenience.

Spanish Siestas Are Underrated

Life is filled with different wonders.  A variety of events and situations have the ability to cause immense happiness in many people.  However, sometimes, it is important to recognize the little things in life that can culminate into some of life’s little pleasures.  For example, one of the best, yet most underrated pleasures of life is definitely… naps.

Lack of Sleep Might Be Seriously Harming You

When you have a ton of schoolwork to do during the week or your career responsibilities seem to overwhelm you, it is typical to grab a cup of coffee...or five, forget about sleep, and keep working. You may joke with your friends, colleagues, and coworkers about how you’ve definitely turned into a vampire due to your newfound ability to dodge sleep in order to be productive.

Should Emotional Support Animals Be Allowed On Campus?

Sydney Sheets is a college student who takes Halo, her service animal, everywhere. When it comes to Halo going into class with her, a few people have issues with it, even though it is not against the law. The Americans with Disabilities Act covers service animals. Plus, the federal housing act says that, even though emotional support animals have no rights in classrooms, they do have rights in regards to housing and dorms.

Two Massive For-Profit Colleges Allowed to Become Non-Profits

In what has been a controversial announcement, the Education Department has decided to allow tow large for-profit colleges to become nonprofits. The colleges in question are the Art Institutes and Kaplan University. Both of them will become public colleges and this is something that is going to be closely watched as other colleges look to do the same thing.

Study Finds That Only 10 of Top Colleges Have Unregulated Free Speech

An organization is known as the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE has just released a report that finds that the vast majority of schools have speech codes that they think might curtail free speech. The organization looked at 461 different schools across America and ranked them using a system based on traffic lights. Red lights were given to the most restrictive, yellow lights were given to schools with relatively light restrictions, and green lights were given to schools that had few restrictions in their written policies.

The Complete Guide For Freshman Classes

Your first year in college can be daunting and there will be a variety of new, exciting and ultimately very confusing things to deal with and manage. The key of course is to know what to expect and to be organized in this regard.

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