Things You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed to Pack for College

Getting ready to head off to college? Exciting times ahead! But let’s talk packing—specifically, about those items you might hesitate to throw into your suitcase. Here’s the thing: if it makes you happy or comfortable, it’s worth taking along. Let’s dive into a few items you definitely shouldn’t leave behind.

Favorite Stuffed Animal or Blanket

Yes, even in college, a little piece of childhood can be a big comfort. Whether it’s a stuffed animal you’ve had since you were five or a blanket that’s seen better days, these items can be a soothing presence in a new environment. And you’re never too old for a bit of comfort!

Favorite Snacks

Dining hall food will become a staple of your diet, but having your favorite snacks on hand can be a lifesaver during late-night study sessions or when you need a taste of home. Pack enough to share—your new friends will thank you!

Fun Costumes or Outfits

College isn’t just about studying—it’s also about making memories and having fun. Events like themed parties or college spirit days are common, and having a few costumes or special outfits can really come in handy. So pack that superhero costume or funny hat. You’ll be surprised how often they’ll make an appearance.

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