10 Things Every Girl Wants To Know Before College

There are some things that especially girls, should know before going to college. Among those things, we have chosen the most urgent ones, so here they are the 10 things every girl should know before starting school. First of all, understand that you will be a small fish in the Pacific Ocean. Not everyone will know you, not everyone will care to know you. You will gain some weight.

It always happen during freshmen year: the stress, the meal plane, the changes. Don’t worry you’ll lose it again. It is fine to go out and don’t drink, don’t get peer pressured. On that note, don’t forget that you are there to get an education and not to party. If you feel like you’re losing your balance, you can always ask for help from your friends, tutor, professors, parents. However, be prepared that not every professor is going to be nice and understanding, you’re not a kid anymore.

Before choosing a sorority, inform yourself don’t follow rumors. Stop caring so much of what others might think, college is the place of diversity, embrace your personality. So don’t feel like you have to act the way other girls act or dress the same. Never pick a course to be with a friend, always decide based on your interest otherwise you’ll regret choosing it.

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