The Most Important Things to Do During the Last Week of Summer

There is no point denying it the end of lazy, sun and fun filled days of doing what you want, unfortunately, always end up arriving. The return to schedules and assignment deadlines is a reality that at some point towards the end of August, all students have to face. So make use of the last few days of summer vacation to do the things you didn’t get around to doing during your vacation.

College reading lists always come with an element of stress attached. Knowing that getting through the book is required instead of completed at your own leisure can take the pleasure out of the task. So during the summer read that page turner or soppy love story you’ve been dying to get your hands on. And don’t feel guilty about it. And while you’re at it – pack your things and go on a little adventure. Round up your hometown crew and go on a road trip, a hike or even a trip to the newest ice cream shop – just go somewhere you’ve never been.


While your college friends are as close to you as your family never forget that blood – and all the advantages that come with it will always be thicker than water. So during your summer make the most of family time. Eat mom’s (or dad’s) cooking. Hug them and hug them often. Take them up on their offers to go shopping and to help you pack. Just spend time with them. Laugh with them. Soon you’ll be back on your own again – so take advantage of being taken care of. That’s one of the things summers are for. Right?


Lastly – take advantage of the time off for a little me time other than reading, take naps, catch up on sleep. Plan for what the Fall semester holds. Arrange your schedule and organize your life. Before you know it – you’ll be back in the swing of things and you’ll wish you took more advantage of the time you had over the summer.

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