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Best Ways to Cut Back on Eating Out During Your College Years

Dining off-campus will be one of your biggest expenses during your college years, and it’s important to put a stop to it. These useful...

3 Tips for Picking the Perfect Time to Use College Laundry Room

Even if you don’t dread doing laundry, using a washer and dryer in a communal college laundry room is a different beast. It’s crucial...

3 Tips for Finding Time to Explore Your Hobbies at University

Between attending classes, studying, and trying to maintain your social life, finding time for hobbies at college isn’t an easy task. If you’re struggling...

How to Recover From Pulling an All-Nighter Before Your Exam

If you’re a night owl, you probably leave studying for the last minute because you’re more productive late at night. Many college students tend...

10 Cheap, But Fun Dates

 We know that college kids have high expectations with low budgets so we decided to come up with some good cheap dates that don’t involve watching Netflix in bed for the 5th night in a row.

The One Item Every Young Professional Woman Needs

For those who are about to graduate college, have recently graduated, or still have a few years of schooling left, there seems to be a checklist of things that you need to own in order to be a polished professional who is capable of landing that coveted entry-level job at their dream company.

Three Easy Meals To Make In Your Dorm Room

Have you just embarked on your first year of college? Do you yearn for your mom’s home-cooked meals and warm, freshly baked cookies that were waiting for you on the counter every day after you would get home from school? Well, most colleges offer a variety of dining halls, cafeterias, and meal plans in order to provide students with nutritious and whole meals.

A Quick Guide to the LSAT

LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. This standardized test is taken by every student who wants to be admitted to an American Bar Association-approved law school. The test assesses the student’s verbal and reading reasoning ability and is sponsored by LSAC (Law School Admission Council).

Getting Hired

If the date of your college graduation is rapidly approaching and you have yet to snag the entry level job of your dreams, don’t worry. Instead of panicking at the thought of graduating unemployed, take this as an opportunity to hone in on what exactly makes you a marketable candidate among a sea of similarly qualified individuals. Here are ten steps that will not only mentally prepare you for the job search process but will also teach you how to make yourself “hire-able.”

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going To Law School

There are a lot of things you should ask yourself before thinking of going to law school. First of all, ask yourself: Why do you want to go to law school? You'd be surprised but most of the times, people go to law school without a really good purpose.

How to Use Common Application: Tips and Tricks

Common App is quite popular as it makes it easy to apply to a number of schools without the pain of submitting forms individually.

Leather Moto Jacket Is The Right Thing To Own

Back in the days, girls that were brave enough to wear a Leather Moto Jacket was considered a rebel or butch. Well in the days that gender bender is a key element, and all conventions are being challenged this is history.  Today, when women wear a leather jacket it just another fashion item to strengthen her femininity. This item gives a young vice, updated, strong look and more importantly keeps you warm on a cold and windy night.

5 Essentials Every Freshman Must Have

Freshman year of college is one of the most anticipated, and challenging, year of many youngsters’ lives. Getting these five items will make sure your year is as happy and successful as it can be. These five items provide comfort and ease to the living and studying situation of freshmen in college everywhere.

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