European Cities Which Make for Perfect Study Abroad Destinations

Studying abroad is an exciting occasion to embark on. During your studies, you can choose to experience part of your studying life in another country. This is an amazing learning opportunity, both in terms of academic and life skills. If you are interested in studying abroad and are hoping for a vibrant and friendly city, then these European destinations may be perfect. 

Barcelona, Spain

The capital of Catalonia is a buzzing metropolis of history and culture. This city has incredible landmarks and buildings dotted throughout, as well as an incredible range of shops, cafes, bars, and restaurants. It also has some beautiful parks and beaches, meaning you’ll always have some lovely spots to chill in and reconnect with nature. 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

This major capital city boasts a wide range of attractions that make it ideal for international students. With plenty of exciting museums and galleries for rainy days, and the beautiful and unique canal system for sunny days, you’ll never run out of things to do and see. There is a rich mixture of cultural influences and backgrounds that make up the inspiring city.

Prague, Czechia

Another huge international city, the capital of Czechia is an ideal place to study abroad. With the huge river Vltava running through the center of the city, there are numerous spots to sit and relax by the water. Additionally, you’ll find endless historical sites and museums to explore. You’ll also never run out of delicious and cheap food and drink venues to try. 

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