Should You Air Dry or Blow-Dry Your Hair?

For many of us, reaching for the blow dryer once we’re out of the shower is so routine that it’s become second nature. But what about all of those claims that heat styling will damage your hair? Air drying is definitely the cheaper and perhaps easier option, but if your hair is thick or long the process can take hours, plus there are those who claim that air drying increases frizz and breakage. If you’re not sure how to style your hair, check out this guidance on the two main methods of drying it.

Va Va Volume

There’s no way round it, if it’s volume you’re seeking, then blow-drying is the way to go. Even with all of the root clips, sprays and fluffing techniques in the world, air drying simply can’t match the sky high heights that a good diffuser can reach. Just remember to spritz over a good heat protector before reaching for your blow dryer, to minimize any damage.

Natural Look

Whatever your hair type and texture, air drying can create a gorgeous and effortless look. Smooth frizz and flyaways by applying a bit of hair oil while your hair is still damp, and if your hair type is wavy or curly, add a bit of defining cream or gel to maximize your waves.

Heat Damage Vs Environmental Damage

There is evidence that air-drying hair can increase breakage, as the hair follicle is weighed down and stretched by the water as it slowly dries. If your hair is seriously thick, there’s also a risk that hair will absorb environmental damage (such as air pollution) as it air dries. On the other hand, most forms of heat styling and blow drying can damage and dry hair. Whichever option you choose, take care of your hair by using a good conditioner, getting regular trims and using an enriching hair oil.

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