5 Ways to Travel Cheap While Studying Abroad

One of the best things about studying abroad is that you can immerse yourself in a new culture and explore your host country. Unfortunately, traveling as a student doesn’t always come cheap, but there are ways to stretch your budget and hit the road without breaking the bank.

Cheap Accommodation

Accommodation will be one of your biggest travel expenses, so consider staying at budget-friendly hostels. Using Couchsurfing and Workaway to find free accommodation is also an option.

Eat In

Exploring the cuisine of a new country is pretty tempting, but it won’t always fit into your budget. Buy groceries cook your own meals to save money, and stick to authentic street food when eating out.

Travel Light

If your travel plans involve air transportation, make sure to pack as light as possible to save money on baggage fees.

Student Discounts

One of the perks of being a student is that you can get discounts on transportation, accommodation, and attractions, so make sure to use them to your advantage.

Plan Wisely

Traveling on a budget requires a lot of planning in advance, but it will be worth it in the end. The more you know about your destination, the easier it will be to avoid common tourist scams.

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