Unnecessary Items You Can Do Without in Your College Dorm

The space you have at your disposal at a college dorm will be pretty limited so it’s important to leave the unnecessary items behind. If you’re trying to make the most of your limited space, here are a few unnecessary items you can probably do without.

Excessive Clothes & Shoes

The closest in your college dorm will be pretty small, and you certainly won’t be able to fit your whole wardrobe. Save some space by packing in-season clothes and shoes that you wear on a regular basis and leaving all the unnecessary clothing behind.

Large Kitchen Appliances

If there are common spaces at your dorm that offer kitchen appliances, there’s no need to bring your own. Even if you’re planning to buy some for your dorm, make sure they’re as small as possible and coordinate with your dormmate so you wouldn’t end up buying the same things.

Extra Pillows & Bedding

It’s always a good idea to have at least two sets of bedding, but everything more than that is too excessive. The same goes for pillows, especially the decorative throw pillows that will just end up cluttering your space.

Iron & Ironing Board

An ironing board can take up a lot of space so it doesn’t belong in your dorm, and you most likely don’t need the iron, either. A hand-held steamer will get the job done and you should consider ditching overly wrinkly clothes altogether.

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