3 Tips on Securing a Job After College

No matter what field of work you want to enter once you graduate, there are some simple tips and tricks to follow which will help you find getting any job easier. From checking over your résumé to polishing up your interview skills, read over this advice if you’re about to start your job search.

Check Your Résumé

Your résumé is your chance to introduce yourself to a potential future employer and make an impression. Cut out any unnecessary information and make sure that the key information is easy to find and read. It can be a nice touch to include a photo, but this isn’t essential so don’t stress if you don’t have one.

Contact The Company

On most job postings, there is usually a small piece of text indicating who you need to contact to discuss the role that is being offered. Take advantage of this and make sure you speak with someone currently working at the company. Not only will this make you appear confident and motivated, you will also gain a sense of the company morale, expectations and the kind of people who already work there.

Practice The Interview

Once you’ve landed an interview, ask one of your friends to go through a few practice questions with you. Use the conversation you’ve had with someone at the company to help you frame some of the questions you think are likely to come up. Concentrate on managing your body language, tone of voice and volume when you practice with your friend, as these things can make a real difference to your overall performance. Don’t forget to have one or two questions ready that you can ask the interview panel—this will make you seem professional and prepared.

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