Getting Involved in Campus Activism: A Beginner’s Guide


Eager to make a difference on campus? Well, activism will definitely be your thing. On-campus activism is a truly powerful way to advocate for change and address issues that matter to you on a personal level. Here are four simple ways to kickstart your college activism journey.

Find Your Passion

First things first: Find the issue that really fires you up. Whether it’s environmental concerns, social justice, or human rights, pinpoint the cause that you feel strongly about and go from there.

Join Student Groups

Link up with student activist groups or organizations on campus that share your interests. These groups usually organize events, campaigns, and other advocacy efforts tied to specific causes, making them a great place to start.

Educate Yourself

Dive into the topics that matter most to you. Do some online research and stay informed through articles, discussions, and attending relevant lectures or workshops. You’ll be a pro in no time.

Events and Protests

Time to get real: Show up at rallies, protests, and other events to show your support and raise awareness about important issues. You’ll be able to feel your presence making a real impact in pushing for change.Careful, it can become addictive.