3 Date Night Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

So, you and your significant other are miles apart, and the usual text and video calls are starting to feel a bit routine? Spice things up with some fun and romantic date night ideas that are perfect for long-distance couples like you! Here are three date night ideas that promise to bring you closer, no matter the distance.

Virtual Movie Night

A movie night is a classic date idea that can easily be adapted for long-distance relationships. Services like Netflix Party, Disney Plus GroupWatch, or apps like Kast can sync your movie-watching experience making you feel like you’re in one room. 

Game On!

For couples who enjoy a little friendly competition, a virtual game night is a perfect way to connect.  There are countless online games you can play together, from classic board games to trivia nights and even online escape rooms. Prepare some snacks and drinks, set up your video call, and you’re ready. 

Stargazing Under the Same Sky

Who says you can’t enjoy a romantic night under the stars when you’re apart? Download a stargazing app that allows you to navigate the constellations together virtually. Find a quiet spot, hop on a video call, and explore the wonders of the universe as a couple.

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