11 Dorm Room Organization Hacks

1. Keep desk supplies in a silverware organizer

Ditch the knives and forks and use your silverware organizer to keep your pens, pencils and highlighters in place and ready to work.

2. Use a corkboard to keep necklaces untangled

It doubles as some funky art and a conversation piece, and will make sure your accessories are ready to accent the perfect outfit.

3. Keep small jewelry in ice cube trays

Don’t waste time in the mornings untangling earrings from bracelets. In an ice cube tray, everything stays neat and tidy.

4. Increase closet space with soda tabs – By looping a soda tab over a hanger, you can add on another hanger and get your closet to work double time.

5. Organize your cords with binder clips

This bargain idea gets total bang for your buck. A binder clip at the back of your desk to loop all the cords through will keep your desk clutter and cord free.

6. Store scarves on shower hooks

Don’t let scarves pile up, you’ll forget to wear them! Attach shower clips to a hanger and hang all your scarves in one neat place.

7. Organize school supplies in a shower caddy

Pick up two shower caddies in your back to school shopping, you’ll need one to organize your pens pencils and highlighters. Hand a shower caddy on your wall to keep your supplies at the ready.

8. Make your own organizer from a picture frame

With a cheap frame, fabric, cardboard and some hot glue you can make your own organizer. Fill the frame with cardboard and glue fabric “pockets” into the frame to fill with all your school supply favorites.

9. Magnetic make up board

Avoid make up mishaps by keeping your supply easily on hand. Cover a metal cookie sheet with fabric, glue magnets to your make up and voila – make up that you can grab at a moments notice.

10. Store folders in a dish rack

File folders + dish rack = easiest (and cheapest!) file storage ever. Added bonus is the cutlery cup where you can keep your pens.

11. Altoid tin organization

These little guys can hold anything from thumbtacks to paper clips to actual mints – all the things you need in a desk drawer without creating clutter.

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