3 Activities to Try Which Will Expand Your Social Circle

Making friends at college can be a challenge or it can be super easy. Sometimes you instantly gel with your roommates and classmates, and other times you have to work a bit harder to meet people. Either way, it’s always nice to try activities that allow you to meet new people and expand your worldview. Here are some to try.

Join a Dance Class

There will undoubtedly be loads of extracurricular activities on offer and you should take advantage of this. Joining a dance class is not only a fun way to exercise, but also great for meeting people and bonding over some bad dance moves. 

Get Involved with the Students Union

Student unions are a great concept as they enable students of a university to have a say in matters that impact them. They’re also great for bringing like-minded people together and provide loads of opportunities for social meet-ups. 

Head to a Local Open Mic Night

If the thought of performing on a stage terrifies you then don’t worry – loads of people go to open mics purely as an audience member. What’s lovely about them is there’s a sense of community and a casual feel to them, so heading to one alone and striking up a conversation with someone near you will be less daunting than trying that in a bar. 

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