3 YouTube Fitness Channels for People Who Hate Working Out

Working out comes with a long list of benefits, but it takes time to find a routine that works for you if you’re still a newbie. If you’re struggling to commit to your fitness routine here are three amazing YouTube channels specifically designed for people who hate working out.


Emily Thorne of EmkFit will win you over with her “fake it till you make it” approach to fitness, and an abundance of fun workout videos on her channel. All her workouts are beginner-friendly, equipment-free, and choreographed to the beat of our favorite songs, including beloved musicals and Disney classics.


With over nine million subscribers under her belt, Maddie Lymburner is one of YouTube’s most popular fitness influencers, and for a good reason. She also offers tons of workouts inspired by music, but you’ll stick around for her short workout videos, lasting anywhere between five and 15 minutes.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is another YouTube fitness influencer who’s using the power of music to make fitness more appealing. Her channel also features a wide variety of targeted, beginner-friendly workouts that will inspire you to give fitness a shot. Her workouts are short and sweet, and you can easily squeeze them in between classes and study sessions.

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