3 Best Ways to Deal With Study Burnout

Study burnout is something most students have to deal with at least once, so it’s important to develop healthy coping mechanisms. If you find yourself experiencing a drop in your productivity due to study burnout, these three tips will help you deal with it.

Recognize the Symptoms

It’s tough to cope with study burnout when you don’t even know it’s happening. That’s why it’s important to recognize the symptoms, from long-term fatigue, struggling to absorb more information, a decline in academic performance, and apathy toward your studies.

Know Your Why

Study burnout happens for a reason, so try to dig into the root of it so you’d have an easier time dealing with it. Have you been putting too much pressure on yourself and studying too hard, is there a specific class that’s giving you trouble, or do you have problems unrelated to school? Ask yourself these questions as you try to identify the source of burnout.

Switch Things Up

If your burnout is consistent, your regular routine simply isn’t working for you. Pay closer attention to the lectures, get better with time management, and don’t wait until the last minute to study for your tests. Start studying on time, but still remember to take breaks, get adequate sleep, and make time for things that you enjoy to avoid burnout.

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