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Did “The S-x Lives of College Girls” Cast Go To College?

HBO Max series The Sex Lives of College Girls recently returned for its second season, after receiving a lot of praise for being one...

Adele is Thinking of Pursuing a Degree—And Here’s What She Wants to Study!

Adele is one of those celebrities who’ve been in the spotlight since their late teens and she never got a chance to pursue a...

Best Ways to Eat Less Fast Food as a Busy College Student

Eating healthy during your busy college years may seem like a mission impossible, and many people tend to turn to fast food during this...

Best Ways to Get Good Night’s Sleep During Your College Years

Many college students constantly deal with a lack of sleep because they’re trying to cram too many things into a single day, from classes...

Best Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Speaking in Class

Speaking in front of your class can be tough, especially if you’re struggling with social anxiety, but there are times when your grade will...

Where to Get Surprisingly Good Coffee on Campus

A good amount of people living in the United States wake up every morning only to experience an intense desire to consume their caffeine intake in the form of a steamy cup of coffee. Coffee has been utilized as a stimulant for tired adults for many years. Originating in South America, coffee has evolved into an overwhelmingly popular beverage of choice for many Americans. With the recent rise of social media and innovative ways that cafes and restaurants all over the world have been promoting their products as the tastiest and most aesthetically pleasing, coffee, it seems, has become quite the trend.

Things to Consider Before Going Greek in College

Cost isn't something I had thought much about beforehand, but joining Greek life comes with some built-in expenses. Some costs we've incurred include a recruitment fee, house fees and dues, a sorority pin, a more extensive wardrobe, and social functions. Many of these are optional, of course, but some are definitely not.

Is Greek Life Right For You?

Greek life is something that is often portrayed as a quintessential part of the college experience. But in reality, every college experience is different. Some people love the idea of being part of a fraternity or sorority, while others know it’s just not a good fit for them. If you’re still unsure, this quiz will help you figure out if Greek life is right for you.

Are You Under the Most Intelligent Zodiac Sign?

Every zodiac sign has its own distinct traits and characters. Some are unpleasant while others are attractive. Astrologists devote their time to analyze and measure the position and movements of the planets to help people gain insight and guidance in their lives. But you can see in any birth chart analysis that each sign has positive traits that outshine the rest. And when it comes to intelligence, there are two astrological signs that reign supreme. 

How to Be Engaged in Even the Most Boring Class

College is full of so many exciting new things: new people, new location, new food, new independence, new activities. Because of this, sometimes it’s easy to forget why you’re in college in the first place: to learn. Especially with required general education classes, it’s easy to view college classes as just a boring chore that you have no intrinsic interest in.

Best Ways to Keep Track of Deadlines in College

In high school, teachers, guidance counselors, and parents were usually available to constantly remind you when deadlines were approaching. In college, this is not the same case. Along with newfound independence in many other facets of your life, in college, you are responsible for keeping up with your own deadlines. Sometimes, professors don’t even announce the deadlines out loud, but instead, expect you to read about them in your syllabus.

Free Tuition at Webb Institute – What’s the Catch?

The small, yet elite Webb Institute of Higher Learning, located on Long Island’s North Shore, offers all its students full 4-year scholarships. What’s the catch? There’s only one major - naval architecture and marine engineering. 

The Importance of Developing Relationships With Professor

Some advice that is commonly passed down from older college students to the younger ones is the idea of developing a good and close relationship with at least a few of your professors. Many times, at school orientation panels, older students and faculty members stress the importance of this and the advice is honestly truly worth it.

61 Year Old Woman Gave Birth to Her Own Grandchild

When the two husbands Matthew Eledge and Elliot Dougherty decided to start a family, they shared the exiting news with Matthew’s mother, Cecile. She was very supportive of them and fondly remembered how much she loved being pregnant, even though her kids were now grown up.

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