3 Great Student-Budget Friendly Birthday Gift Ideas

Many of us want to show our appreciation and love for new-found college friends, and what better opportunity than one of your new pals mentioning that their birthday is coming up? However, student budgets are notoriously tight, and you may be feeling that despite your best intentions, a gift is going to stretch your finances to the limit. Check out these sweet, meaningful gift ideas that should fall well within most student budgets, so you can surprise your friend with a great gift without breaking the bank!

Room Decor

If you feel like you know your friend really well, buying them a small piece to decorate their dorm room with can be a lovely gesture. Why not try a small glass vase which will catch the light, a tiny framed print or a bunch of dried flowers which they can keep?

Photo Album

If you’ve taken plenty of photos of your pal and your wider social circle, buying a photo album and starting it off for them with some favorite snaps can be a great gift idea. If your budget won’t stretch to an album, simply printing off some of the best photos of you together is also a lovely gesture.

A Great Read

Why not buy your friend a great book? On secondhand sites such as eBay, classic novels can go for basically nothing, or you could score your local bookshop for some great finds. Choosing a book for your friend will require a good understanding of their tastes and interests, but if you get this right it’s a great way to demonstrate how well you know them.

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