3 Group Activities to Try for Fun Exercise

Everyone knows that exercise is super important and should be included in your weekly schedule. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily always fun and exciting. If you find exercise to often be a chore, then consider trying some group activities to make it more fun and keep you motivated. If this sounds like a good way to exercise to you, then here are three ideas for activities to try. 

5 a Side Soccer

Soccer is hugely popular across the world, but the classic version of the game requires lots of players and a huge pitch. The name of this version suggests only 5 each instead, but you can choose however many you like really. You can also simplify the rules and play in a small area. Basically, just have fun while playing a soccer-related game. 

Group Bike Ride

Riding a bike with a group of friends is one of the best feelings. There’s such a sense of freedom and you can chat while cruising or just take in the views, all while getting some decent exercise. 

Learn a Dance Routine

Dancing is such a great choice for exercise, as it burns so much energy and is super fun. Learning some dance moves with friends will undoubtedly lead to plenty of laughter and joy, and if you start to pick it up well then you’ll have a cool dance routine to pull out at parties. 

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