3 Mindful Practices to Include in Your Study Sessions 

Studying is of course an integral part of being a student. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy or enjoyable. There are many different study practices that people find helpful, but equally important as the studying itself is the little things you do to keep you calm and to look after your mind. Within your study session itself this is very important, so here are three mindful practices to include next time you study. 

Bring Some Hearty Snacks

While it may be tempting to bring some salty, sugary, processed snacks with you, it will make you feel loads better if you have something good for you and your body. For example, you could bring some mixed nuts and dried fruit, or some homemade flapjack. Having these tasty, healthy boosts of energy will make you feel loads better. 

Take a Walk

Whether you prefer to go for a five-minute walk every 20 minutes or an hour walk after a solid few hours of studying, this will make a huge difference. You get a change of scene which is really helpful, as well as some fresh air and exercise. 

Have a Gratitude Moment

At the end of your study session, just take a few minutes to sit and reflect on your day. You can take some time to feel proud of whatever work you have made progress with today, as well as simply appreciating small moments such as a good cup of tea or seeing some pretty flowers.

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