3 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Notes

Notes you take during class are going to be one of the most powerful learning tools in your arsenal, and that’s why it’s important to take them effectively. If you feel like you’re struggling with note-taking, it’s very likely you’re making one of these common mistakes.

Not Paying Attention

Simply transcribing what the lecturer is saying is very common, but it’s an ineffective strategy that can lead to information overload. Instead of focusing to write everything down, make sure you’re actually paying attention during lectures and find the connection between different concepts and ideas so you could easily understand your notes while going over them.

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Going Overboard

Taking notes can play an essential role in your academic success, but you shouldn’t go overboard. Writing every single thing isn’t an effective strategy because you’ll struggle to stay focused. Instead of writing everything down, listen carefully during lectures and only write down the most crucial information.

No Organization

The whole point of taking notes is to have materials that you can use to study more effectively down the road. Learning from them won’t be easy if they’re difficult to navigate, so consider using headings, bullet points, numbering, or color coding to structure your notes and make them more organized.

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