3 Things That Will Change Up Every College Student’s Week

First, if you are a creative type, it might be fun to visit a local painting studio. These locations have been popping up frequently in recent years and typically offer an environment where people come together to paint, sip some wine, and engage in some creative conversation.

However, if you’re. It into the whole painting thing, maybe try to find the local botanical gardens! If you enjoy nature and want to go someone fun and relaxing with friends, go visit the botanical gardens nearest you! They typically offer beautiful flowery fields, trails, and more. And if there isn’t a botanical garden located near you, maybe find a local nature park or some hiking trails!

Regardless, as college students, sometimes it’s necessary to get outside and spend some time reconnecting with nature.

Lastly, concerts. If you live near a college town, there will undoubtedly be a wide range of concerts to attend. Maybe check out that underground local spot you’ve passed on the way to campus, or go to the bigger venues to see some of your favorite performers!

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