3 Points to Remember When Writing a Cover Letter

If you’re considering writing a cover letter, there are some essential points to remember before you open that document. It’s really important to get the cover letter right, as it’s a great way to introduce yourself as a candidate, and a great cover letter can help you land an interview. Read on for the top three points to remember when writing a cover letter, to help you ensure that yours are all of a high standard.

Check Your Formatting

It may seem like the font style, size and general formatting of your letter matters much less than its contents, but most prospective employers will at least take notice of the way your letter looks—and it may be enough to sway them into offering you an interview (or not). Check that anything that needs to be capitalized is, make sure you separate your paragraphs correctly, and opt for a sensible font rather than trying to express your individual style through a curly cursive font.

Precision Is Key

If the job you’re applying to is a desirable one, the chances are there will be plenty of applicants. The best way to stand out from the crowd is to clearly and precisely pinpoint the ways in which you’re well suited to the job. The best way to do this is to read the job description thoroughly, and then address how you can meet the requirements and expectations of the role, through your studies, previous experience and personal outlook.

Keep It Snappy

Most prospective employers don’t need to know about the award you won for reading back in high school. Consider which of your awards, qualifications and achievements are relevant to the role and mention these – anything else can be left out. Equally, don’t spend a paragraph explaining why you’d love to work for the company or why you’re so well suited to the role – one or two sentences will suffice, and then you can let your previous experience and studies speak for you.

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