3 Reasons to Stock Up on Tinned Fish

For many people, becoming a student and moving into college accommodation is the first step into the adult world. This may well be the first time that you are cooking for yourself regularly, and there is so much to learn about kitchen skills and eating a balanced diet. Having certain food items in your store cupboard can help create easy and healthy meals. Tinned fish is an amazing ingredient to have around, and here are some reasons why.

It’s Super Convinient

Cooking is seen as a frustrating yet necessary task by many. Having to set aside time and energy to cook and then clean up is a struggle, especially with a busy student schedule. That means that finding food that is super easy to prepare and that isn’t total ‘junk food’ is perfect, and cracking open a tin of fish to add to pasta, potatoes, or toast couldn’t be easier. 

It’s Incredibly Healthy

Fish is one of the healthiest food groups and in particular oily fish. Any tinned fish you find will have plenty of vitamins and minerals in it and will also be very high in incredibly important protein. As a student, the protein and vitamins found in fish will help keep you healthy and ready to learn. 

It’s Great Value 

Protein is an essential part of people’s diets, but many foods that are high in protein can be expensive as well. Buying meat can be pricey, and fresh fish can also cost a fair amount. Tinned fish is excellent value comparatively, and so it’s ideal for students with a low budget who want to keep a balanced diet. 

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