3 Reasons Why You Should Always Make Your Own Flashcards

Flashcards are one of the most popular study tools on the market, but making your own can take forever. You might feel tempted to share flashcards with one of your classmates or download a pre-made deck, but making your own flashcards is a better idea and comes with a long list of benefits.

Better Understanding

Making your own flashcards will give you a much better understanding of the material. There are times this won’t feel easy because you’ll have to figure out certain things on your own instead of getting them on a silver platter, but this will pay off in a long run.

Active Learning

When you’re making flashcards, the learning process doesn’t start when you start studying from the flashcards, but right away. Your learning process will be much more active because you’ll have to filter through the all information and determine on your own what to focus on.

Different Approach

Every person has their own approach to learning, and that’s why using someone else’s flashcards isn’t always the best idea. If your studying methods don’t align, their flashcards might feel messy and confusing and that’s why it’s always best to make your own.

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