3 Shoes That are Both Comfy and Stylish

Spending the day on campus can feel long. Popping from class to class is always a trek, and in between spending time chilling and studying is a time you want to feel comfy. You’ll know how important it is to wear shoes that are comfortable for the whole day. But of course, you want them to be stylish too. Here are some great choices that prioritize comfort without sacrificing style. 


These iconic trainers have so many styles. While some are less fashionable, there are plenty that are cool and on-trend right now. This brand is popular for a reason – they are so comfy, you’ll feel like you’re wearing slippers but they are great for walking long distances in too. 

Ugg Boots

These shoes are the dream combo of being just like slippers but also having major style points. They are better suited for cooler weather but are well worth the investment for some properly cozy, comfy shoes that are perfect for late-night library sessions. 


Another brand that is commonly associated with comfort and practicality, but is also always in fashion. These are great for being able to slip on and off too, so are great if you like to get super comfy while studying. 

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