3 Things to Keep in Mind When Using Apps to Make Friends Online

Going to college often means moving across the country and leaving all your old friends behind. Luckily, you’ll get to meet many new people in your class, but using apps is also an option if you want to expand your social circle. Here are three things you should keep in mind when trying to make friends this way.

Choose the Right App

The list of “friendship” apps you can use to meet new people is pretty much endless, and they’re all unique in their own right. From Meetup and Bumble BFF to the good old Tinder, take some time to figure out how each app works and write a good bio that perfectly reflects what you’re looking for.

Know Your Why

Unless you want to waste countless hours on meeting apps, figure out exactly what you want to find. Are you looking for hiking and gym buddies, people to join your pub quiz group or book club, or just someone to have a coffee and conversation with? Once you figure this out, it will be much easier to find people with the same interests as yours.

Be Ready For Failures

Chances are you won’t kick it off with all the people you meet online, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Keep an open mind and meet up with as many people as you want, but be ready to move on if the connection simply isn’t there and make space in your life for some new people.

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