3 Tips for Finding Time and Money for Travel When Studying Abroad

One of the best things about studying abroad is that you get to discover the beauty of a foreign country, but it’s not always easy to explore beyond the city where you live. If you’re struggling to find time and money to travel during your exchange program, these three tips will help you get it done.

Day Trips/Weekend Getaways

Day trips are the least expensive and time-consuming way to explore a new country. Do some research and discover interesting places in your close proximity that you can explore in just a day or two, and head to one of them when you have some free time on your hands.

Cheap Accommodation

If you want to stay a night during your trip, finding cheap accommodation is crucial, and hostels are usually the best option. You should also consider using the Couchsurfing app to score free accommodation with local hosts.

Free Attractions

After spending some of your money on transportation and accommodation, you won’t have a lot left for actual explorations. That’s why it’s usually best to stick to free attractions that don’t come with expensive entrance fees and tickets or at least opt for ones that don’t cost a fortune.

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