3 Tips for Making the Best of Limited Closet Space in Your Dorm

You might be tempted to bring your entire wardrobe with you when you’re just a freshman, but you’ll quickly learn that the close space in your dorm is extremely limited. Here are three useful tips that will help you make the best of that little space that you have at your disposal.

Pack the Essentials

Since packing your whole closet isn’t an option, it’s a good idea to make a plan beforehand. Stick to the essentials that you usually wear, from a few good pairs of jeans and leggings to classic tees, tops, and sweaters, in addition to a jacket and a pair of shoes for every season. Do the math, only pack things that you need, and avoid clothes that you rarely wear.

Special Occasions

In addition to packing clothes that you can wear on an everyday basis, you should also make sure to have a few signature pieces for special occasions—such as clothes for a job interview or a night out.

Organizing Hacks

The internet is overflowing with hacks that can help you optimize the space in your dorm room closet. From using space-saving hangers and rod doublers to storage drawers and stacking shoe organizers, there are countless storage solutions designed with small closets in mind.

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