3 Types of Teachers You Will Encounter in College


Having experienced 4 years of high school prior to your college experience, you may think that you have seen it all when it comes to various teachers and how they choose to spend their class time. Most teachers offer slightly different teaching styles that can appeal very differently to the mass amount of students that they are paid to teach over the course of their careers. Professors in college slightly differ from the teachers that you would tend to find in your high school. Here are three types of professors that you will very likely be faced with in your time at college.

The first is the teacher who seems to be overly excited about their subject. The class subject could be super boring, but for some reason, this professor always seems to be wide awake, talking about their subject of choice with pure joy and excitement. These are the teachers who typically are genuinely invested in their students’ education and their excited demeanor can be refreshing.

3 Types of Teachers You Will Encounter in College


In contrast to the previous teacher, the next that you will most likely encounter is the dull, monotone teacher who has absolutely no ability to hold the focus and attention of a single student in the 300 person lecture class that you’re sitting in. This teacher tends to give hard tests without interestingly and thoroughly explaining the information.

Another teacher that you will encounter is the one who is passionate about their chosen field but is honestly a bit incompetent. This teacher will go on and on about tangents that don’t relate to the subject at all and tend to love to hear themselves talk. While annoying, these teachers also tend to be nice people and care about their students.

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