3 Viral Beauty Trends You Should Try This Winter

This winter is bringing countless beauty trends our way, and it can be difficult to decide which ones are worth embracing. That’s why we picked out three leading makeup, nail, and hair trends that you can easily recreate on a student budget.

Makeup—Christmas Collections

With holidays just around the corner, Christmas-themed makeup collections are popping up everywhere. Some of the most affordable cosmetics brands on the market, such as Revolution and ColourPop, have a great offer of festive products that will perfectly fit into your limited budget.

Nail Art—2D Nails

If we had to pick the most popular nail art trend on the market right now, 2D nails would make the cut. The best thing about this comic-book-inspired craze is that you can easily recreate it on your own. Drawing black and white lines on the edges of your nails is all it takes to give them a cartoonish vibe.

Hair—Winter Gold

Winter gold is one of the trendiest hair colors in the world right now, and everyone from Zendaya to Kaia Gerber seems to love it. This trend is all about adding golden tones to your hair to give it extra shine during cooler months. If you don’t feel like visiting a hairstylist, consider using dem color and maintaining that shine with pigmented conditioners.

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