3 Ways Gender Fluid Style is Breaking Into Mainstream Fashion

For a few years now, some of the world’s most famous fashion houses have been experimenting with gender-fluid styles. Whether it’s putting male models in stunning midi skirts or styling womenswear catwalks with masculine tailored suits, boundaries have certainly been blurred across some of the most prestigious and influential fashion shows. Now, gender-fluid style is infiltrating the mainstream – check out three of these super on-trend looks which couldn’t be cooler.

Masculine Mesh

For decades, mesh fabric has been seen as something that belonged in the world of female fashion, but over recent years high-end fashion houses have used it to craft stunning pieces for men. Whether you style your mesh tank as a single layer, or wear it alongside other pieces to create a detailed look, it’s a sure-fire style winner.

Suits You

In women’s fashion, masculine style suits are increasingly being seen as a modern, contemporary take on the tailored look. There’s always the option to belt your blazer jacket if you’re feeling slightly swamped in an oversized style.

Flower Power

For a long time, floral patterns have been associated with women’s spring season dresses and skirts. This year, men’s shirts are being adorned with florals of all forms, to create some stunning wedding-guest ready looks.

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