3 Ways to Get Some Alone Time When You Live in a College Dorm

Privacy and college dorms don’t really mix together. Getting some alone time might feel like an impossible mission when you live in one, but it’s not. We all need a moment to ourselves from time to time and here’s how you can get it when you live in a college dorm.

Talk to Your Roommate

You can’t really kick out your roommate whenever you feel like being alone, but you can always talk to them. They most likely need alone time as much as you do, and openly talking about it and setting some boundaries will make it easier to get some alone time when you need it in the long run.

Step Out

There are ways to get some alone time even when you’re surrounded by other people, but you’ll have to step outside your dorm to get it done. Take a relaxing walk around the campus, go meditate, or do some other activity that allows you to be alone with your thoughts.

Your Secret Place

You can also get some alone time by finding a secluded spot on campus that’s just your own. Whether it’s a bench in a park or a hidden spot in the library, there are many hidden places where you can be alone, and it’s up to you to find your own.

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