3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep with Proper Pillow Placement

Getting a good night’s sleep won’t always be easy during your college years, but there are things you can do to make things better. Properly placing your pillow can help you avoid waking up tired, and our brief guide will help you improve your pillow placement based on different sleeping positions.

Back Sleepers

When sleeping on your back, try to maintain the natural curve of the spine to avoid neck and back pain. The best way to do so is to make sure your pillow is not too thick, but you can also place a smaller pillow under your knees to reduce potential back pain.

Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on your stomach is one of the worst positions, but there are ways to make it better. You should stick to a thin pillow under your head or ditch it all together, while also placing a small pillow under your pelvis to reduce lower back strain.

Side Sleepers

If you’re sleeping on the side, it’s best to look for a pillow that provides proper support by filling the gap between your neck and the mattress. You should also consider placing a small pillow between your knees to reduce lower back and joint pain.

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