3 Weird Activities to Make You Smarter

Everyone wants to be smart. People tend to think very highly of their own intellectual abilities, regardless of how their mental capacity is viewed by others.

And while many people are innately smart, the smartest people are those who actively make an effort to increase and enhance their knowledge base. Here are some ways that can lead to you being smarter.

1. Napping can actually make you smarter! That’s right, sleep helps regulate hormone levels which will allow you to focus more on other intellectual pursuits.

2. Playing video games. New research suggests that playing video games can strengthen cognitive skills such as reasoning, spatial navigation, and memory perception. Another thing that video games have shown to improve is creativity.

3. The act of chewing gum. Chewing gum illicit a body response that causes people to be alert and focuses.

Try these activities out and see if your grades go up.

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