4 Reasons to Get a Bicycle at College

Many people find their new independence at college super exciting. Living away from home gives you so much more freedom and you can decide how to live your life more easily. A great idea for something new to add to your life as a student is a bicycle. Here are some reasons why.

Great for Getting Around

College life often means dashing around from class to class and then heading into town in the evening to meet friends or head to work. Having a bike that you can jump on and whizz around on will make everything feel easier and more efficient.

Easy Exercise

When you are jumping onto the bike to get around all the time, you won’t even notice the excellent cardio exercise you’re getting from using this means of transport. 

Fun Social Activity

Aside from using it to get around, you can plan some fun group bike rides with friends. When the weather is nice, you can pack some picnic food and then head to a nearby park or beach to enjoy an easy, chilled group activity.

Ecofriendly Transport

It will make you feel so much better knowing your method of transport is the super green, environmentally friendly option. Traveling with no carbon footprint is a good feeling.

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