5 Essentials Every Freshman Must Have

Freshman year of college is one of the most anticipated, and challenging, year of many youngsters’ lives. Getting these five items will make sure your year is as happy and successful as it can be. These five items provide comfort and ease to the living and studying situation of freshmen in college everywhere.



Prevent uncomfortable roommate situations by getting your own fridge. Store beer, I mean, milk with ease in your very own room!

A Good Laptop

5 Essentials Every Freshman Must Have

Seeing as most of your party music will be played from this device, you better get one that will last through even the most rigorous of shindigs. Also, you’ll have to do these things called “papers” on them so yet another reason to invest in a good laptop.

HDMI Cable

5 Essentials Every Freshman Must Have

Since many freshmen aren’t able to get a high-paying job (unless you’re selling Aderrall down the hallway), cable television becomes a luxury. With an HDMI cable, you can connect your laptop to the TV monitor and stream all your favorite shows.

Flash Drive

5 Essentials Every Freshman Must Have

This nifty little gadget is ideal for transporting projects and paper from the dorm to classroom. One thing to remember though: when giving your flash drive to your professor, make sure there aren’t any accidental nude photos on it.

Shower Shoes

5 Essentials Every Freshman Must Have

In addition to cable TV, a personal shower becomes an additional luxury when moving from home to college. Grab yourself a cheap pair of shower shoes to prevent any icky diseases that spread through public showers.

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