5 Movies You Must See Before College

College is a new experience on its own. Your approach will be different to any other person before you because you are unique and need to find your own way. Watch these films and gain some insight into what life might be like

5. Into The Wild (2007)
Based on a true story, abandoning his possessions, donating his $24,000 savings account to charity, and setting off for Alaska to live a life of solitude. Rejecting the socially constructed “real world” turns into an interesting perspective into human companionship and our need for human contact. Can someone truly be happy if they don’t have anyone to share that happiness with?


4. 28 Days (2000)
Follow the all too common college mistake of binge drinking. Alcohol is no joke and watching this comedy drama will re-draw your attention to the dilemma facing parents. Denial, addiction, and sobriety are all dealt with here.


3. Slumdog Milionaire (2008)
A true reminder that we have no idea where we really come from no matter what we may have experienced in the past. An extremely important lesson to remember when meeting new people.


2. Fight Club (1999)
A film that speaks volumes in terms of critical thinking, personal introspection, and how to reach the core of that what makes you tick. The message of the film is important, perhaps best resonated with an audience which is a little older.


1. Her (2013)
Pass by the college experience, this film has nothing to do with the life of a college student. Existing elsewhere, in another world can sometimes seem easy, tempting, and has morphed into somewhat of a social crutch. If you are indeed going to college to experience things soak it up. Take from the experience what you can and run with it.

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