5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Roommate Before Moving In

Finding the perfect roommate can be the difference between a harmonious haven and a chaotic clash. While shared interests in shows and hobbies are great, a deeper understanding is crucial before taking the plunge. So, ditch the awkward small talk and ask these 5 crucial questions to avoid future misunderstandings.

How do you feel about cleaning? 

Be upfront about your expectations. Are you a neat freak or a “lived-in” kind of person? Can you find common ground on shared chores and frequency?

What are your typical sleep schedules on weekdays and weekends? 

Do you value early mornings for quiet contemplation or late-night study sessions? Discuss noise levels and expectations to avoid sleep disturbances.

How often do you cook? 

Do you prefer gourmet meals or quick bites? Discussing cooking habits can help avoid fridge battles or empty cupboards when you need a snack.

How do you feel about shared living spaces? 

Do you crave constant company or value solo time? Understanding your social needs can help you find a roommate who complements your lifestyle.

How do you prefer to handle rent and bills?

Discussing payment methods and splitting responsibilities is key. Make sure you’re on the same page about this, especially before signing a contract. 

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