Why College is Awesome and Why College can also Suck

When it comes to attending College the proverbial “Different strokes for different folks” always springs to mind. College, for some, can most definitely be defined as “the best four years of your life” while for others time studying may very well be a time they’d like to forget.

Why College is Awesome

College for many is a time remembered for making new friends and sharing new experiences, for getting away with things you would never have gotten away with at home. Like wearing the same outfit more than once and not making your bed for weeks at a time. Depending on your lecture timetable, afternoon naps or morning or evening naps are totally possible and when you are not taking advantage of your new found irregular sleep scheme you can take advantage of the awesome sports and therefore free gym equipment and facilities. On top of all that, and of course your new found freedom, which, let’s not kid, is one of the most awesome parts of college, you also have the opportunity to learn.

Why College Sucks

Some of the more daunting and some downright depressing parts of college are definitely the high cost of tuition and the buildup of $$$’s you are inevitably going to have to pay back and the feeling of having a frequently empty wallet after all the “cheap” drinks you’ll probably buy. The lack of sleep, the mountains of work and assignments and the not so nutritious plates of cafeteria food. All in all – for most of us it only comes around once in a lifetime – so make the most of your college years we hope the awesome will outweigh the bad.

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